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Project Village Green

Following in the footsteps of Fannie Lou Hamer's "Pig Bank," Project Village Green will be a pocket permaculture farm, rain collection facility, and artist studio in Atlanta. The project converts an abandoned or condemned property in a food and opportunity-scarce community, and redesigns the property into an active permaculture farm and artist studio. 

Project Village Green achieves these primary goals:

  1. Grows and delivers free food to food insecure community members;

  2. Provides a free space for a local artist to live and work for a 6-month residency;

  3. Tests and perfects rain collection, permaculture, and indigenous crop growing systems for minimum carbon impact;

  4. Keeps the property from either becoming a dangerous location for crime or (even worse) snatched up by gentrifiers.

Putting the culture in permaculture.

Village Green Fundraising Goals

Land Acquisition

Startup Costs


Corporate Filing

Non-profit Filing








Land Purchase


Garden Supplies




Artist Meals






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