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What we believe

Here at Innisfree we believe that there are 6 fundamental human rights, without which civilization as we understand it can not continue indefinitely. It should be the goal of any society, no matter how big or small, to provide as great a standard of these 6 rights as possible, and to organize things in such a way as to maximize the benefit for all individuals. A society that ignores, outsources, or antagonizes any of these rights is immoral and unethical, destined to slide into oblivion.

These are the 6 fundamental human rights:

  1. Water: No other substance on Earth is more foundational to the propagation and health of our species. We can go weeks without food, years without shelter, a lifetime without reliable energy, but we can only go days without water. Therefore providing clean, healthy water should be society's most basic purpose.

  2. Food: Like water, secure, healthy food is the bedrock of civilization, and providing food should be considered one of society's most fundamental purposes.

  3. Shelter: Once society has provided clean water and food for its people, then shelter is the next most important human right. No individual should be unsheltered in a functioning society; shelter should be easily acquired and/or built, and should be as unobtrusive to the natural environment as possible. Just as every other animal species on the planet manages to shelter without destroying the environment they rely on, so too should the human species.

  4. Healthcare: No other human right has advanced to the degree that healthcare has in the last 100 years, yet it remains arguably the most commonly withheld. At the same time one is able to completely change their body and facial features, sex, and even augment their physical self with bionic limbs, millions die from preventable diseases. Disease, injury, and death are all essential parts of living for all species (and humans are no different), but the willful withholding of healthcare form large swaths of the world's population is immoral and unethical.

  5. Energy: Human beings fundamentally require energy to perform work. That has always been the case. Whether it was through large networks of slave labor or the burning of fossil fuels, humans has desired to construct infrastructure, buildings, monuments, and artwork that all require energy. That is even more true now, given the necessity of the internet and heavy machinery to provide much of the previous 4 human rights. However, energy can not come at the cost of the environment as a whole, and our need of energy has to be reined in to be in accordance with the regenerative abilities of the Earth. More than any other human right, our need for energy must be intentional and exacting or our greed and insatiability will make all other human rights unattainable.

  6. Community: Humans are a social species. Our ability to work together (especially on abstract concepts like "society," and "religion") has been the secret to our success as a species and subsequent domination of all other life on earth. Without community individual humans often suffer and struggle, which is why a functioning society should foster tight-knit communities.

Innisfree is designed around these 6 human rights. We're building an experimental business community that will enable entrepreneurs, researchers, artists, and craftsman to create a working prototype of how these 6 rights can be organized and put into action right now.

We believe that the human species already has all the solutions we need to face all our existential crises; We need to start combining and deploying them. We need to create new models for organizing human society as an anti-racist, democratic, and prosperous community in harmony with the natural world.

Innisfree is one such attempt. We hope you'll join us on the journey. You belong here.

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