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Welcome to Innisfree.

Innisfree is a 40-acre experimental business community that connects and combines the entrepreneurs, researchers, artists, and craftspeople that are working on solutions for the 6 fundamental human rights: water, food, shelter, healthcare, energy, and community.

The heart of Innisfree is the model village, which provides a place for residents to live, work, and play in a walkable, car-free traditional town square. From the model village, the rest of Innisfree radiates out to encompass all the other work areas in a seamless blend of residential and commercial space, set amidst a continuous, living permaculture farm.


The work areas are:

  1. Model Village

  2. The Farm

  3. Health clinic

  4. Solar Array

  5. Materials Research

  6. Tiny Village and Edible Orchard

  7. The Beer Garden

Combine + Connect + Deploy

Innisfree Plan.png

Get Involved

Wanna help us plant the first seeds of Innisfree? Consider volunteering, donate to the Phase One projects, or reach out about becoming part of Stakeholder Board or Friendship Council.

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