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The Problem

The Problem.

Things are going to get veeeeery rough.

We have 10-15 years to completely alter the global economy before we lock in the many of the worst case scenarios for climate change, resource scarcity, and ecological destruction. The time for research and testing is over; we need action. Fortunately, over the last 10,000 years of human civilization, we've come up with virtually every solution we need. We just need to start combining and deploying these existing solutions now so that we can work out the kinks before we run out of time.

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The Solution.

We need action.

We believe that the human species already has the solutions we need to face our many existential crises; We need to start combining and deploying them. We need to create new models for organizing people into anti-racist, democratic, and prosperous communities in harmony with the natural world.

Innisfree is dedicated to accelerating and combining existing solutions and providing a scalable framework for the next generation of sustainability solutions.

What is Innisfree?

Connecting + Combining + Deploying

Innisfree is a 501(c)(3) in Atlanta dedicated to connecting and combining the entrepreneurs, researchers, artists, and craftspeople who are already building a better world. Through new models of finance, governance, equity, and business acceleration, Innisfree creates radical model communities for the 21st century and is an accelerant for a sustainable future.

All Innisfree projects are designed to encourage collaboration and increase innovation among entrepreneurs, researchers, and craftspeople that are working on solutions for these 6 fundamental human rights:

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How You Can Help



Innisfree is a 501(c)(3) non-profit so you're donations could be tax-deductible.


Wanna help Innisfree get started? Join the Stakeholder Board or Friendship Council.


Wanna get your hands dirty? Volunteer for a workday.

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What Innisfree Feels Like

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