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The Innisfree Project.

Imagine a better world.

The Innisfree Project is a multimedia storytelling project based out of Atlanta, GA. The brainchild of Tres Crow (@dogeatcrow), the Innisfree Project is a collective imagining of our shared future, which seeks to both answer the question, "Where are we going?" and also showcase one person's real-life journey to start building that future. The idea is, if we both articulate the end we want and start the work at the beginning, we will slowly see the pathway forward.


The Innisfree Project website tells the tale of the future town of Innisfree. Set in the eastern United States sometime in the future, Innisfree is a better version of the world we have today, a place where humans and nature live in harmony, where there is enough to eat, people live joyful lives, and the remaining pockets of industrial capitalism are remnants of a past age.

Told through "found objects" like diary entries, blog posts, pictures, videos, newspaper clippings, and other miscellany, the Innisfree Project shows what life is like, how they solve problems, and how living within planetary limits changes society. 


In addition to the website, the Innisfree Project is also documenting Tres' journey to turn his .65 acre suburban plot (dubbed "Old Crow Hill") into a community food forest and pollinator habitat. A logical extension of his work with Roots Down, Old Crow Hill is a skunkworks for finding a regenerative path forward for America's cities and suburbs.

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